Our practice offers affordable Wellness Plans!

What is a wellness plan?

Simply put, a wellness plan is an annual package of services that includes the optimal preventive healthcare services that your pet needs to stay happy and healthy. Our plans are designed to address every life stage, and our veterinarian will recommend the plan that is most beneficial for your pet based on age and other relevant factors.

You asked, we listened

Many pet owners are interested in being able to budget annually for their pets’ preventive care by making automated monthly payments. Our plans make that possible. Enrolling your pet in one of our plans allows you to provide him or her with the very best preventive medicine.

Wellness Plans are not the same as Insurance

The purpose of our wellness plans is to ensure that your pet receives all of the preventive care needed to keep them healthy, as well as to proactively prevent and/or detect diseases earlier rather than later. The purpose of most pet insurance is different - it is meant to help cover the costs associated with illness, emergency or injury. In fact, preventive care plans and pet insurance are a perfect pair, and having both means always being able to say “yes” to providing the very best for your pet. If you would like a recommendation for pet insurance, please let us know.

Here are some preventive care basics


Regular, frequent head-to-tail veterinary examinations mean that health issues and abnormalities are detected early on and can be treated before they become more serious.


Pets, like people, need vaccinations against dangerous viral and bacterial infections. Purchasing a wellness plan helps ensure that your pet receives regular vaccinations to protect against these serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases.


Whether it is a fecal exam to check for parasites, or a blood profile to make sure that the kidneys, liver and other organs are working normally, there are important tests that should be completed every year to maintain your pet’s optimal wellness. As your pet gets older, more preventive diagnostics are recommended, and our wellness plans are customized to specifically reflect the type and quantity of diagnostics we recommend based on the age of your pet.

Nutrition and Exercise

Diet and exercise are just as important for pets as they are for people. Our goal is to partner with you so that your pet receives optimal nutrition and maintains a healthy weight throughout their life. An important part of a regular preventive care examination includes monitoring your pet’s weight to catch any changes early on when they are more manageable.


When pets have behavior issues it can destroy the relationship they have with their human family. Our goal is to get to the root of these issues, determine the cause, and provide positive intervention before they become unmanageable. From house and litter box training to agerelated behavioral changes, we help you get to the root of the problem and provide the advice and treatment needed to ensure that you and your pet remain the best of friends.

Oral Health

Oral health isn’t just about bad breath. In fact dental disease can lead to infection and illness if left untreated. Not to mention, it can also be extremely painful for your pet. Regular dental assessments and cleanings are an integral part of providing optimal preventive care for your pet, which is why we have made it that much more accessible by including it as part of our wellness plan program.

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