Meet our Team

Dr. Lindsey Rockwood, DVM, cVMA

Dr. Rockwood was born and raised off highway 68 and after being away at school for many years, she has returned to the immediate area. For as long as she can remember, she has always wanted to be a veterinarian and has always had a love and respect for all animals. As a child, her family would bring their pets to see Dr. Susan Parry at Toro Park and she has fond memories of always having a positive experience at the hospital.

Dr. Rockwood completed her prerequisite courses at Colorado University, Boulder and UC Davis with a major in Animal Biology and minor in Spanish. While living in Davis, she volunteered and later worked for the University's Teaching Hospital as a technician in the Large Animal Intensive Care Unit, caring for critically ill patients including horses, premature foals, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, cows, goats, sheep, and pigs. The skills acquired as an ICU technician definitely helped her through veterinary school. Dr. Rockwood graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2008, and has been practicing on the Monterey Peninsula ever since. Her special interests include acupuncture and rehabilitation, soft tissue surgery, dentistry and oral surgery, and nutritional management of medical conditions.

Dr. Rockwood is very passionate about her career, but in her free time she enjoys outdoor activities with her son. He has become an avid lover of snowboarding, hiking, and camping - just like his mom! Her fur family includes a cute young Chihuahua mix, a young sweet Golden Retriever and a sweet lovable cat that enjoys playing with the dogs.

Years in Practice: 12

Education: Colorado University, Boulder Colorado, UC Davis, and UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians- Fort Collins Colorado



Practice Manager


Danielle is our new Practice Manager.  She was born and raised in Castroville and has lived on the peninsula all her life.  

She has had dogs in her life as far back as she can remember and will always have a dog in her life if she is in control.  Her current fur baby is Bella, an American Staffordshire Terrier aka Pit Bull who she rescued from the Monterey County SPCA in January of 2019.  It has been a love affair since the moment she spotted her fur baby and in her off time you may spot the two of them at the beach.  In her off time, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and cuddling with Bella.

Favorite Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Years in Practice: 1.5


Operations Manager, CVA


Brad is our Operations Manager and  has lived on the peninsula for 27 years.

He is married with two girls and lives on a five acre ranch with 2 dogs, 3 cats, 9 ducks, 12 chickens, 4 goats, 1 pig, 4 birds and 3 fish tanks. In his off time you can find him gardening, playing table top games and building aquaponics systems as well as spending time with his family.

Favorite Book: The Name of the Wind

Years in Practice: 18


Lead Kennel


Sandra is our wonderful Kennel Lead. She was born in Tacoma Washington, but quickly moved to Salinas and has been a resident for 48 years.

She has Lobo the Siberian Husky who is the center of her world. Over the years she's had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, African Sulcuta Tortoise and fish. Her dream goal would be to work with wolves. In her off time she's with Lobo and her husband either at the beach or river. She also loves to go to all the monster truck events that she can every year.

Favorite book : White Fang

Years in Practice: 8


lead receptionist


Ashley is our Lead Receptionist. She was born and raised in Marina and has lived on the peninsula her whole life.

She has 3 dogs (10yr old Black Lab named Raider, 5 year old Chihuahua named Paisley and a 2 year old Terrier named Buster) 3 cats (7 year old Calico named Callie, 10 month old kittens Named Rider & Piper)

When she's not at work, you can find her on a baseball field watching her 11 year old son play ball.

Favorite book: 50 Shades of Gray Series or any good murder mystery.

Years in Practice: 16


Veterinary assistant


Carol is one of our Certified Veterinary Assistants. She was born in Carmel and has lived on the peninsula her whole life.

She has 2 dogs and 4 chickens. In her off time you can find her gardening or planning her future living in a small house and spending time with her family.

Favorite Book: Eragon

Years in Practice: 15


Veterinary Assistant


Janet is one of our Veterinary Assistants.  She was born in Indio, CA and currently resides in San Ardo.  

She has a menagerie of animals – 4 dogs, 2 horses, 2 cats, 30 chickens and 2 fish tanks.  In her off time, she enjoys spending time with family, relaxing on her ranch or reading a good mystery book

Favorite book: A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Years In Practice: 3


Kennel staff


Angela was born in Monterey, and has lived on the peninsula her whole life minus a brief time in Maryland and Napa.

She has been in the industry for 3 years as a Professional Dog Groomer, before changing towards the vet industry where she aspires to be a Veterinary Assistant. She has 3 dogs and 2 cats and in her off time you can find her drawing, reading, playing video games/board games, sewing, knitting, rock gym, hiking, baking and doll customization.

Favorite Book: Batman The Long Halloween

Years In Practice: 1


Kennel Assistant


Ali was born and raised in Salinas and after finishing high school at Notre Dame she moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She received her B.S. this last May, majoring in Biology on the Pre-Veterinarian track. She is currently finishing her Animal Nutrition certificate while applying to Veterinary School for Fall 2021.

Whenever she is not studying she loves to train with her Siberian Husky, Pebbles, who is working to be a therapy dog. In her free time her favorite thing to do is go hiking or camping with her friends and Pebbles!

Favorite Book: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Years in Practice: 2




Cathe is our Bookkeeper. She was born in Carmel and has lived on and off the peninsula for her whole life.

She has 1 horse, 32 year old Arabian named Chardonnay and a Beagle named Tulip. In her off time you can find her playing with horses and following/supporting her grandkids with athletics.

Favorite Book: Where the Crawdads Sing

Years in Practice: 10


Office Manager


Simon is a 7 year old Maine Coon that has been a resident at the hospital since 2014. Shortly after purchasing the hospital, Simon was looking for a home. He had been an indoor only cat up in the Redding area and had gone missing from a house full of roommates. When he was located (months after going missing) one of our staff stepped in to find him a suitable home. We have been his furrever home ever since.

Simon loves sleeping the day away in reception and introducing himself to new clients by begging for love and attention. Simon's favorite hobby is knocking important small items off of counter tops for attention and taste testing whatever the staff is having for lunch when they are not looking.


Peace Keeper


RIP BLUEBERRY | 2003-2020
Blueberry came to live with us in 2016 after his owner lost a long battle with cancer. Blueberry had been a patient at the hospital for many years and we all grew fond of him as he would come to stay with us. He was always a feisty feline until his geriatric years he had finally mellowed a bit.

Blueberry enjoyed snuggles with the staff and had a very special bond with a few of the staff over the years. He battled issues with his eyes and lost them both in the past two years.

He will be missed!