The Annual Exam: The Core of Your Pet’s Preventative Care

In human medicine, preventative care has become the standard of care, and veterinary care should be no exception, but pet owners do not always understand the benefits of regular check-ups for their pets. Annual veterinary exams can catch manageable conditions such as diabetes and dental disease, prevent issues with internal and external parasites, and slow the progression of common problems … Read More

October is Cat Month

Have you ever wondered why your cat behaves a certain way and if there is a reason for the behavior? Is it even normal behavior? How do you know when a behavior should be seen by your veterinarian? Here is a discussion of a few cat behaviors that may have you asking your cat “what are you doing over there?” … Read More

Why deworming your pets is more than just a good idea!

Intestinal parasites are common in cats and dogs with several of the most common parasites able to infect humans too. Hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms are three of the most frequently seen intestinal parasites in our furry friends and all three can be transmitted to humans. The disease caused in people can range in severity with some effects being permanent. Hookworms … Read More