Behavior and Dogs

This month we have an article from behavior trainer Jen Anderson. We hope this gives insight into your dog’s natural behaviors and how to support the positive behaviors! Dogs are amazing animals. Sharing your life with one can be one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Or it can be a total disaster. The difference is usually … Read More

Separation Anxiety

The Covid stay-at-home orders during the past year have felt like a godsend  to our pets.  Many of those dogs will exceed their threshold for panic when their guardians return to normal routines keeping them from their homes for many hours.  Separation anxiety in dogs involves a severe distress response to the stress of being separated from their owner that … Read More

Aaah Aaah Choo!

Fever, coughing, and runny nose all mean one thing – the flu. Only this time we are talking about Canine Influenza. For dogs, there is no specific flu season, although when people are traveling and boarding their dogs, the incidence of contagious viruses like influenza tend to rise. We have had two recent outbreaks of canine influenza in the Bay … Read More


Getting a new puppy can be a wonderful time full of new adventures, however, many questions may arise once your new puppy arrives home. Here is an abbreviated list of common concerns that can help you get a jump start toward that perfect canine companion. It is very important to have your puppy seen by your veterinarian within the first … Read More

Let’s Talk Ticks

Let’s Talk Ticks! Warmer weather means more time outside on our beautiful Central Coast. Whether hitting the trails, socializing at the dog park or just relaxing in the backyard with our furry friends, we are all targets for ticks! With our mild climate ticks can be found all year round but tend to be worse in the warmer spring and … Read More

When to Take Your Dog to the Vet Immediately

Has your dog ever been injured or in discomfort and you have found yourself wondering if it is a situation that needs to be addressed immediately or if it can wait and be monitored? This can be a difficult situation and there is not one easy answer that fits all situations. Here are a few situations that should always be … Read More

Common Dog Owner Mistakes

I love meeting first-time dog owners. They’re so enthusiastic about their new family member and all that the future has with them. I want to do everything I can to make sure they are receiving sound advice to build a bonded healthy relationship. Because I talk to so many dog owners, I see some of the same mistakes over and … Read More

The Buzz on Grain Free Diets

Recently, there is quite a buzz in the media and on the internet about grain-free diets and heart disease. With so much information it can be difficult to know what to believe. Below are the most current updates from the veterinary field as well as the best recommendations for your pet. Since 2014 veterinary cardiologists have been documenting a heart … Read More

Geriatric Pet Care

Is my pet too old for anesthesia?  It’s a reasonable question, but one that’s increasingly less applicable to modern veterinary medicine. With advances in veterinary care, our pre-procedure screening, anesthetic drugs, techniques and monitoring tools are safer and more effective than ever before. Age itself is not a disease, however as our pets age the likelihood of developing a disease … Read More

Pet Insurance

Over the past two decades the number of treatment options and services available to our pets has grown exponentially. Just in our immediate area we have available to us advanced surgical services, physical therapy modalities, specialist veterinarians, a CT scanner, specialty and emergency hospitals as well as a cancer treatment facility. With these advances in medicine, surgery and diagnostic imaging … Read More